Game Day Schedule

9.00am Arrival time

Players should arrive at 9.00am to allow adequate time to complete registration, select battle packs, equipment issue and get dressed in preparation for safety briefing that starts at 9.30am sharp.

9.30am Safety briefing

Safety briefing runs for approx 15 min where players are informed about the safety features of equipment, do’s & don’ts along with other rules to keep everyone safe during the days games.

Late arrivals after 9.30am forfeit battle pack upgrade offer.

9.45am Army / Group allocation

Your group of players will be divided into two teams (green and black face masks) and you’ll be placed on opposite army’s so you can shoot each other. There will be other groups split the same way playing with your group on the same field unless you have made special arrangements to play in isolation.

10.00am Let the battle begin

Your group(s) of two army’s will be taken to your first battle field where your host we explain the scenario & objective for your first battle. Each scenario has two x 10 minute games. Usually after a scenario, all players return to HQ for gun re-gas, re-supply (ammo, drinks, snacks etc) and most importantly, a goggle clean for those who received a head shot. You will then be off to your next battle!


Every few games, groups will return to the safety zone for a rest break. During these breaks you will be able to purchase drinks, snacks & more paintballs if required while our staff will clean your goggles prior to heading out to the next battle field.

As a guide most players will play 8 to 12 games over 3 to 4 hours before running out of energy and shooting 800 to 1000 paintballs over this time.

Expect to have an awesome day.

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