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Dear Organiser

Thank you for your interest in Heartbreak Ridge Paintball.

Arrival time for sessions is 9.00am to allow time for registration and equipment issue. Make sure you let your players know that they must be signed up (registered) by 9.30am for start of safety briefing.

Upgrade packs not available after 9.30am

We accept all credit cards, but try and pay by cash to speed things up.

All players must be 12 or over. If you are between 12 and 17 years old you must bring a signed parent consent form or you will not be permitted to play.

Snacks plus icy cold Coke, Pepsi & Gatorade varieties are available for purchase at the field.

Kindest Regards,


What to bring

  • Photo ID
  • The signed consent form (12 to 17 year olds)
  • Light clothing – Shorts & Long Sleeve Shirt
  • Sturdy footwear, no thongs, sandals or high heels

Battle Packs Include:

  • Paintball Marker Gun
  • New Dual Thermal Lens Anti-Fog Goggle System
  • All upgrade packs include 300 shot ammo belt (usually $20 hire)
  • Girls get free chest, neck & glove protection (usually $20 hire)

Freq. Asked Questions

How many players do I need to play?

It does not matter if you’re coming to play on the weekend. If you wish to play on a weekday, a minimum of 12 players are required. (We open up exclusively for your group)

Can all of our group be on the one team?

Your group will always be split into two armies and play against each other. This keeps the atmosphere friendly and gives you the opportunity to shoot your mates.

When do the Starter Packs have to be paid?

Starter Packs can be paid up-to 48 hours prior, but if it’s a special occasion we recommend paying 7-14 days in advance to secure your game.

Does getting hit by a paintball hurt?

Honestly, if the paintball splats on your hard plastic mask, you wont feel a thing! However, if you get shot on the bottom it feels like a loving spank.

Is Paintball dangerous?

Paintball is one of the safest activities out there. Statistically, Paintball/Skirmish is safer to play than golf, tennis or a bush walk. Enough said!

How many Paintballs do I need?

The world average for a session of paintball is 700 to 900 shots per player.

What’s our Refund or Reschedule Policy?

5 days notice is required for a refund or rescheduled game day. No refunds are available for no-shows on the day.

How to book your game


Pre Purchase a $60 Starter Pack for each player in your group.

This confirms your booking and enables us to schedule staff to prepare, equip and host your game.


Phone us on 9573 1555 with your credit card 9am-5pm 7 days a week.

You can pay by EFTPOS / Cash at paintball field 7:30am-2:30pm Wed-Sun.


Be there at 9.00am

Bring your ID

Parent Consent form
(12 to 17 year olds)


Our Packages

Choose the package that suits you and book now.


  • 300
  • Semi-
    Automatic Gun
  • Equip.
Book Now!
On your game day, you may want to upgrade your Starter Pack to one of the following:

Basic Training

  • Extra 400 Shots (Total 700)
Book Now!

Optional Extras

Girls get free hire of gloves, chest plate & neck protector.

Extra Shots

100 Shots

200 Shots

300 shots

500 shots

1000 shots

To Purchase


Groin Guard

Neck Protector

Sweat Band

Organiser Bonus

Your reward for your efforts based on number of players present on playday.


5 to 10

Free Shots

Total Value

11 to 20

Free Shots

Total Value

21 to 30

Free Shots

Total Value

31 to 40

Free Shots

Total Value


Free Shots

Total Value

Confirm 14 days in advance

Get 2x Ammo Bonus!

We know you’ve done your homework and realise that we are the best. Therefore, sometimes we get booked out 2-3 weeks in advance.
So if you have a special event coming up, confirm your booking 14 days in advance to guarantee your playday and we will DOUBLE YOUR ORGANISER BONUS (Eg, Your group has 15 players, then you get 1000 shots FREE vs only 500).

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